Patterns take place at the following locations:

  • Almgrens Sidenväveri, Repslagarg. 15A 21 September 6-8.30 pm
    Lectures by Jacob Dahlgren and Elisabeth Westerlund. Free admission.
  • Tjärhovsplan 11 - 26 September. Wednesday-Friday 12-6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 12-4 pm installation by Gunnel Pettersson
  • Katarina Church 11 - 26 September, installations by Cilla Ramnek and Petra Arnesson
  • Bus tour 11-12 and 18-19 September 12-4 pm. 3 short films by Mårten Nilsson och Gunilla Heilborn

Patterns are repetitions – work, life, behaviour. Ongoing report. Here, the focus is on artistic actions and lectures. Artists reflect on spaces and situations.

Participating artists: Mårten Nilsson and Gunilla Heilborn (SE), Gunnel Pettersson (SE), Cilla Ramnek (SE), Petra Arnesson (SE), Elisabeth Westerlund (SE), Jacob Dahlgren (SE), wiklundwiklund (SE).

Mårten Nilsson and Gunilla Heilborn / Henrik Vikman-trilogin (The Henrik Vikman Trilogy)
The filmmaker Mårten Nilsson and the choreographer Gunilla Heilborn show The Henrik Vikman Trilogy that comprises the short films Henrik Vikman berättar, Rewind and Sportstugan. A cinematographic scoop about a mysterious tamer that was last seen with a group of lost visitors in the vicinity of Åtjärn. Of the three films, Rewind is perhaps the one that best references the theme of the exhibition – people move in patterned rooms, everyday events and sentences are repeated over and over again.

Mårten Nilsson is an experienced filmmaker and director of short films. He also edits, photographs and produces other people’s films. His own films include: Sportstugan (nominated for the Guldbagge award for best short film in 2005) and Hur man gör (winner of the 2007 Guldbagge award for best short film). His latest film, Alaska, has been screened at numerous festivals both nationally and internationally.

The choreographer Gunilla Heilborn’s works have been presented at, among others, Moderna Dansteatern, Norrlandsoperan and Dansens Hus, where she was the inhouse choreographer in 2007. Films are often an integrated part of the performaces, most recently the short film Alaska for the performance with the same title for Göteborgsoperan.

The Henrik Vikman Triology is distributed by Filmform The Art Film & Video Archive

Gunnel Pettersson / Odlingsmonument på Tjärhovsplan (Cultivation Monument at Tjärhovsplan)
The monument – comprising PET-bottles that form a web joined to an irrigation system – manifests that which grows. In the hanging garden, various crops are cultivated in a repeated movement. The outer framework of the monument is a scaffolding that corresponds to the adjacent buildings’ facades. Passers-by and residents can follow the cultivation process. At visitors can share their experiences of their cultivation attempts. Gunnel Pettersson is interested in the idea and culture of the cultivation landscape as an economic and social issue. Based in textile art, as a material, she moves freely among different media. Educated at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, she currently works at Malmö University as Senior Lecturer in moving image at the School of Arts and Communication.

Cilla Ramnek / Mönstrad plats (Pattermed place)

Installation in Katarina Church

“A video recorder, an alarm clock, a CD, a toothbrush and a cup lie on the church floor. Everyday objects wrenched from their normal context. Prosaically in the midst of the solemn. Profane and sacred. The sacred in the profane and the profane in the sacred. Why do I feel giddy when I see a vacuum cleaner next to the communion table? Is it because the difference is so big, or the other way around, maybe because it is so small. Why, in that case, is the sight of a vacuum cleaner in the middle of a church floor indecorous? Now I’m getting annoyed. I mean, it’s not like the church is a bit stuck-up, is it? Then I calm down and begin, gently, to install all sorts of things that I have brought with me from home. There you go, no problem, here they lie nicely, resting at the foot of the communion table. I’m confident that they are welcome. Actually. I am actually confident of it. Confident in the hope of the value of a vacuum cleaner.”

Cilla Ramnek is an artist, designer and stylist. With the point of departure in spatial design, Ramnek’s art is material-based and moves freely in the expanded textile field. She is currently producing public artistic decorations, exhibitions, books and designs for Ikea. She is a designer at Svenskt Tenn and guest professor at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

Petra Arnesson / En väv av Sverige/ A Web of Sweden
A Web of Sweden is a carpet comprising carpets from the eight most common countries of origin in Sweden. By applying her own interpretations of each country’s carpets and patterns Petra Arnessen has created a number of typically “national” carpets that break up a wooden floor and form a fitted carpet. Thus the carpet represents the mix of cultures we find in Sweden today. During the exhibition period the carpet will be placed in the Katarina church and will be used for, among other things, meditation. Petra Arnesson is a recent graduate of Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. She works both three-dimensionally with objects and two-dimensionally with pattern designs.

Jacob Dahlgren and Elisabeth Westerlund lecture about their work with the point of departure in their own pattern worlds at Almgrens sidenväveri

Jacob Dahlgren
"Livet och konsten är ett och jag är intresserad av alla former av abstraktion".

Jacob Dahlgren's work is currently on display at KIASMA i Helsingfors, Cream Contemporary in Berlin and Casino Luxembourg Forum d'art contemporain. In Sweden he recently held exhibitions at Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm and Passagen Linköpings Konsthall.

Elisabeth Westerlund
Elisabeth Westerlund talks about her work, about tidiness, repetition and coincidences, as well as about monumental miniatures of cheez doodles and cotton buds. Elisabeth Westerlund’s work is centred on everyday items, which she restructures and transforms by placing them in new contexts. Using familiar objects such as unravelled knittings, pencils, plastic knives and textiles as her building materials, she produces grandiose constructions, such as a model of the Palace of Versailles (1998) or large canvases with embroideries and cut-out photographs. Elisabeth Westerlund has recently had a solo exhibition at Galleri Roger Björkholmen in Stockholm (2010) and participates in the current Parkliv exhibition at Marabouparken.

A design for the project Points of Departure is produced by wiklundwiklund on the theme of “patterns”. The pattern is printed on posters, cloth and tape – a guide for visitors to the different exhibitions and events, and at the same time a patterning of the city space.

Curator: Katarina Wiklund (SE)
has taken an interest in artistic depictions and processes in various public places, including theatre and film. In her work one can trace an interest in patterns and architecture, often a play with scales and preferably projects in collaboration with other disciplines. She is currently working with an art project for Psykiatrins Hus in Uppsala and with costumes for Skånes Dansteater.


Cilla Ramnek / detalj från installation i Katarina kyrka 2010
Jacob Dahlgren / Demonstration 5 december 2007 Stockholm
Gunilla Heilborn / stillbild ur filmen Rewind 2003
Mårten Nilsson / stillbild ur filmen Sportstugan 2005
Elisabeth Westerlund / you are here 2010 blandteknik
Petra Arnesson / En väv av Sverige 2010 tryck på heltäckningsmatta
Gunnel Pettersson / Odlingsmonumentet 2010 blandteknik

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