11-26 SEPT 2010

The network Fiber Art Sweden (FAS) will host Northern Fibre 2010, a recurring event in the Nordic countries that has only once previously been hosted in Sweden since 1995. Thus, FAS continues the tradition of sustaining a long-term Nordic network.

FAS is a network comprising 41 well-established artists who work within the textile field. The title of the 2010 Northern Fibre event is Points of Departure and FAS’s goal is to present the cutting edge of contemporary textile art and create a platform for discussions and dialogue. Points of Departure refers to art that has its starting point in the textile tradition but that takes place in an expanded field. FAS endeavours to create a meeting place where artists and the general public may exchange experiences within the textile field.

In September 2010 a series of exhibitions, workshops, performances and installations in public spaces will take place in various locations in Stockholm. The themes are new technology and textile traditions, textiles as a relational and activist activitiy, and textiles’ flight from the private to the public.

The project Northern Fibre strives for an internationalisation and dissemination of artistic impulses. After participating in numerous textile and artistic contexts FAS has been selected to realize Northern Fibre 2010. For the 2010 project FAS will primarily invite artists from the Nordic countries but also from the rest of Europe and the United States.

Long term goals

Northern Fibre is a series of exhibitions and events that has taken place in the Nordic countries since 1995. International in scope and with an emphasis on our Nordic neighbours, the aim of the project is to disseminate knowledge and artistic impulses within the textile field.

FAS participates in a long-term Nordic network that is unique and fulfils an important need for artists working with textiles in the Nordic countries. Our long-term goal is to be an active agent in the creating of the Nordic textile tradition of the future; to allow the old and the new to meet in order to spread knowledge, and above all, to pursue a forward-looking activity within our textile and artistic traditions.


In September 2010 numerous events will take place in different venues in Stockholm. These events take place in the contemporary textile sphere of interest and our ambition is to reflect the current situation within international textile art. The events comprise exhibitions, workshops and installations in public spaces, sometimes in unexpected contexts.

The programme’s point of departure is how textile materials and production have enriched contemporary art. In today’s expanded situation textile work enjoys innumerous approaches and modes of expression. The project aims to create a visual and a physical platform for exchanges of experiences and in-depth of knowledge.

Presentation of the curators and project manager:

Inger Bergström (SE)

Using the potency of textile techniques and the materials’ inherent references is what characterises her work. The focus is often on the three-dimensional and the spatial in which textile is employed as a kind of building material. Inger Bergström was educated at Konstfack, University of Art, Crafts and Design, Stockholm where she is professor.

Petter Hellsing (SE)
Petter Hellsing likes to create a tension between the safe and the distressing. Through dislocations and relocations of motifs and shapes, domestic textiles turn into a mysterious map of memories and social rituals. In a number of exhibitions and public works, Petter Hellsing has also explored the relationship between manual work and digital technology, as well as the possibilities of artistic work to collect and pass on stories. Petter Hellsing was educated at Konstfack, University College of Arts Crafts and Design,  Sculpture department.

Margareta Klingberg (SE)
Klingberg is a visual artist who works with textile, text and photography. Her exhibition On the Move is currently on at Norrbottens Museum in Luleå (21 August–19 September). In this long-term art project she has followed guest working berry pickers and their pendular movements inner Norrland and their home countries: Thailand, Poland, Lithuania and the Ukraine. Their lives are portrayed in photographs, objects and videos. Klingberg also participates in the exhibition Kvinnor och Krig (Women and War) at Härnösands Konsthall, 11 September–10 October. She is a contributing editor of the Internet art magazine Volym. www.volym.info.

Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa (SE)
Educated at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design Stockholm, in textiles and sculpture. Introducing something of the private into the public is a red thread in her work. In her photo and material based work, the human being appears to be engaged in an activity. Collaborations in various constellations of artists are ongoing in parallel to her own activities.

Maria Sandstig (SE)
Identity and alienation are recurring issues in Maria Sandstig’s work, with the starting-point in the private. The materials vary according to themes, spaces and contexts. She has pursued several collaborations with colleagues. A rewarding and exciting one is her conversations with a landscape architect about play, with the focus on children’s and young people’s places for play in public space. This resulted in a play sculpture for Vitabergsparken, Stockholm. Maria Sandstig was educated at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.

Katarina Wiklund (SE)
has taken an interest in artistic depictions and processes in various public places, including theatre and film. In her work one can trace an interest in patterns and architecture, often a play with scales and preferably projects in collaboration with other disciplines. She is currently working with an art project for Psykiatrins Hus in Uppsala and with costumes for Skånes Dansteater.
Project Manager: Karen Diamond (UK/SE)
Karen Diamond is an independent curator and producer and has produced numerous exhibitions and cultural events in museums and art institutions both in Sweden and abroad. Previously she has worked as a curator at, among others, Moderna Museet and Kulturhuset and as Director at Galleri Lars Bohman and Galleri Brandstrom in Stockholm.

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